"MY SOUL IS A HOLE" - the HOLeISM of eternal infinity beyond dualism

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Der am 6.10.2003 frei improvisierte Lochritual-Text "EINE DATEI IM INTERNET" wurde erst im Juni 2021 transkribiert, als das Video entdeckt wurde!

Aktuellster Essay: "REVOLUTION DER SINNE" vom 5.5.2021

The latest example for a QLP QUANTUM POEM titled "UR EN TT" (written December, 29th 2019 by Siegfried Sühd) is based on the first hole prayer!


"Das Nichts hat keine Grenzwache: während den Molekülen am Rande eines Lochs schwindlig wird, weil sie in das Loch sehen, wird den Molekülen des Lochs ... festlig? Dafür gibt es kein Wort. Denn unsre Sprache ist von den Etwas-Leuten gemacht; die Loch-Leute sprechen ihre eigne."
Kurt Tucholsky, aus: "Zur soziologischen Psychologie der Löcher", erstveröffentlicht in der Weltbühne, 17.3.1931


"So wie das Universum unser Bewußtsein produziert, so ruft unser Bewußtsein das Universum hervor, und diese Erkenntnis transzendiert und beendet die Debatte zwischen Materialisten und Idealisten (oder Mentalisten), Deterministen und Verfechtern des freien Willens, die das yin und das yang in den philosophischen Ansichten vertreten."
Alan Watts, in: DER LAUF DES WASSERS (1975)

   "Es gibt keinen Unterschied zwischen dem Sandkorn und der Ewigkeit. Sie müssen sich die Ewigkeit nicht als etwas vorstellen, das im Sandkorn enthalten ist. Das Sandkorn IST die Ewigkeit. Genau so wenig unterscheidet sich die Tatsache, dass wir jetzt hier sitzen, vom Nirwana. So wie wir hier sitzen, sind wir im Nirwana. Sie brauchen weder zum Sandkorn noch zu unserem Hiersitzen einen philosophischen Kommentar abzugeben. Er erübrigt sich." Alan Watts:


in 'Buddhismus verstehen' (1995)


"A-theist. Das verneinende Präfix steht für eine Negation, für einen Mangel, eine Lücke oder eine Oppositionshaltung. Es gibt keine positive Bezeichnung für denjenigen, der nicht den Schimären opfert, nur diese sprachliche Konstruktion, mit der die Amputation noch verschärft wird: A-theist also, aber auch Un-gläubiger, A-gnostiker, Ir-religiöser, Un-frommer. Nichts, was auf den positiven, bejahenden, freien und unabhängigen Aspekt des Individuums hindeutet, das jenseits der Fabeln und des magischen Denkens zu Hause ist."
Michel Onfray, in: WIR BRAUCHEN KEINEN GOTT (2005)


"Du kannst das alles loslassen, du kannst den ganzen Krampf entspannen. (...) Das scheinbare Ich kann nichts tun, um zu erkennen, dass es eine Illusion ist. (...) Plötzlich Leere, plötzlich niemand da, zu dem all das gehört. (...) Niemand kann dir zu dem verhelfen, was schon der Fall ist. (...) Es ist niemand da, der den Verstand transzendieren könnte. (...) Das wilde Auf und Ab der neurotischen Denkmaschine mündet ein in ein gelindes Staunen. (...) Aufwachen heißt, die Leerheit der Leere sehen."
Richard Sylvester, in: ERLEUCHTET - UND WAS JETZT? (2006)


HOLeISM (LOCHiSMUß) - transreligious: transdualistic & transrealistic



A new neuroastronomical philosophy beyond all religions: the transreligious, transdualistic & transrealistic "HOLeISM" (a combination of completeness & emptiness) for the 23rd century. Founded by neuropoet Tom de Toys (born 1968) because of his "holEistic" experience at the 5th of May 1989 (in the parks of Cologne) that dissolved his deepest existential questions about sense, god and nothingness by giving NO answer than just understanding that there is NO question at all :-) As an artist he is, he was searching for a kind of symbol to communicate about this experience and finally he found the HOLE as something even better than symbols: a hole is a simple concrete experience for everybody and neither an esoteric illusion nor a metaphysical belief. De Toys likes to say: "A true hole has got at least TWO open sides, so you cannot land in a hole but just jump thru. This means also that the hole itself does NOT exist but just its frame to make it visible. If you take away the frame, the hole disappears as well and you understand suddenly (like a kind of enlightment) that the complete universe IS a multidimensional infinite eternal hole itself - without big bang: just our big bow to the empty flow of the interactive presence as a present beyond birthday, x-mas, death or any other psychic matrix, even different than love: no more dualistic games but the absolute being of all relative levels."


The SYMBOL for the hole is the ZERO. But the NUMBER zero (this: 0) is SAME psychic geometric digital level as ANY numbers, it is same dualistic as for example the number 1, 2, 69, 888 or 1111 - that's the reason why some become fans of nihilism although this is paradoxical, absurd and impossible: they become fans of the PROJECTION of the "nothing" as a THING although it IS NO-thing! The ISM of the nihil-ism is same paradox like dada-ism: no ism is dada, no dada needs isms. That's why i write holeism in german with DOUBLE-s: the word MUSS (the original is with that special letter: sharp ß) means NEEDS, almost english: to must. Every "ism" is a kind of MUST: it steals your freedOM! So my double-ß hints ironically by exaggeration at the impossibility to be a FAN of a REAL hole as A REAL HOLE DOES NOT EXIST - JUST THE FRAME SURROUNDING.


The german neuropoet, painter, performer Tom de Toys, inventor of the so-called "QUANTUM POETRY", born 1968, founded this anti-esoterical postmetaphysical so-called "PERINCENDENTAL PHILOSOPHY OF THE 23RD CENTURY" (remember: for tibetian buddhists we live 2011 already in the year 2138, so WE REACH the 23rd century VERY SOON!!!) because of a strange no-meditation-matrix-experience by walking through a park in Cologne (at "Decksteiner Weiher") at the 5th of May 1989, in which he discovered with his own nOrMal senses the ENDLESS HOLE OF THE OPEN WHOLE... After 20 years researching the deeper meaning, the psychic effects and the social consequences of this unexpected result of his years of asking and longing for "absolute truth" in teenage times, he decided to celebrate his HOLeISTIC HAPPINESS NOW with all those friends (best as well as unknown) that are not afraid of the big hole and need neither big bang nor reason for the existence of universe to love BEING TOTALLY IN IT - AND: MADE OF IT... WE ARE COSMIC DUST and dust is just a very sweet level of the eternal emptiness !!! So let's be kind of no-fans together because you even cannot be "fan" of a hole: it does not exist :-))) WE ZOOM THROUGH THE INFINITE ZERO...

* the neologism "PERINCENDENTAL" is a combination of PER (=through), IN (not out or just at, but really in) and the overcoming of the traditional dualistic expression TRANSCENDENCY into an infinite BEing Here & NOw "in-it-self-no-self" instead of just longing for sOMe secret overserious ego-enlightment :-) On the occasion of the 20.anniversary at 5th of May 2009 mister De Toys prepared a special gallery with 111+1 photos to dive into the digital matrix of a sunset-snapshot, just to show you a symbolic example what happens in the very last seconds before you FALL THRU THE HOLE...

Loch-Perhappening 8.5.2010 (c) by NAN
Loch-Perhappening 8.5.2010 (c) by NAN



29. Mai 2009 um 11:39
INTO the deeper NOW, the "coming hOMe" slow-downed-high-to-earth to the TOTAL here & now WITHIN each cell, each atom, deep into the quantum structure of the whole matter, even deeper: into the infinite emptiness WITHIN the matter... i was searching for a "metaphysical" level in my youth, but i figured out by accident (well, after years of meditation) that there is no so-called "other side", just the piercing thru all dimensions... returning back hOMe again, absolutely WITHIN universe without loophole to flee (toward any wished paradise "beyond"), IN my very body which i feel since then as a flowing "quantum body", the one and only temple-like spaceship i got here down...to... mother earth... - maybe this is a kind of short explanation to make cOMprehensible why and HOW i am NOT christian or religious at all?

2. Juni 2009 um 12:27
thanx for catching the "hollow" sense of this holeism shit ;-))) isn't it a BIG FUN to be part of the infinite emptiness!!!! it does not change ANYTHING in the world but our FEELING FOR BEING ALIVE - and then... :-))) you can imagine easily how much i wished that the "hoElistic" view on universe could have also social influence... politicians suddenly waking up, being shocked & ashamed about their own stupid destructive behaviour that was following only sick psychic illusions... i pray for presidents becoming holEys (who the hell needs holys?!?!?!!!) to take the chance of being "president" to HELP their folks, to IMPROVE collective health and peace and all the alternatives we all wait for... last week i met a real rinpoche meditation master because a friend is buddhist and took me as a guest there - and THIS man was sooo unconditional normal beautiful open-hearted, not a saint but a REAL FREE HUMAN... after meditation i met him by accident on the street and we shoke hands and exchanged just our bright smiles... so now the reason why i tell you all that: in THAT second when we met on street i was waiting for sOMe inspiration for the next line of the 14.holeism-prayer, so HIS BRIGHT SMILE TO ME became the next line :-))) today i will place the new poem also on the domain cOMbined with a so-long secret photo of a DANCING COUPLE sculpture standing here in the Reuterpark of New Cologne - i shot the pic with extreme zoom and produced a mandala with monster face out of it...

2. Juni 2009 um 23:44
NOT "all of us" yearn for this romantic esoterical ONENESS illusion shit!!!!!! i never liked people talking in general terms about others, i feel the FREEDom of my EMPTY soul "abused" for ideas and ideologies i do not follow :-) i guess you know that, you know ME a little bit better... PLEASE: GIVE ME SOME RADICAL SPIRITUAL COMMENT COMING FROM YOUR DEPEST "WISDOM OF INSECURITY" !!!! COME ON BABY ROCK THE EXPLODING ILLUSIONS WITH ME !!!! KISS MY EMPTY SOUL !!! LET'S HAVE A PARTY WITH THE INFINITE EMPTY UNIVERSE :-)))) LET'S BE IN LOVE TO THE ZERONESS - LET'S HOLD HANDS THAT DO NOT EXIST AND FEEL EXISTENCE NOT EXISTING - TOGETHER... i tell you: this is tantra, this is more real "one" (within the beloved "two") than any melting can evoke :-)))))

3. Juni 2009 um 00:09
and also i am against all those hollow metaphysical terms like "love"... i want to help making conscious how occupied mind can be by all that substantive shit! i prefer verbs: lovING, or like the title of my book with lovepoems: MAKING LOVING - similar to how my taiji-master calls his yang-style just "body mechanics" instead of complicated esoteric secret serious descriptions that make you BELIEVE it is deep and holy - NO! IT IS EASY & OPEN-MINDED TO OUR DIRECT FREE FEELING FOR ANY MOVEMENT :-)))

HOLeISM PERHAPPENING 27.6.2005 (c) Videostill by P.Munck (Berlin)
HOLeISM PERHAPPENING 27.6.2005 (c) Videostill by P.Munck (Berlin)

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