Tom de Toys ALIAS Tomithy Holeapple

Mister Holeapple zeigt sich gerne mit einem Profil auf sozialen Plattformen, wie z.B. bei iPeace & Twitter & Facebook, um Texte anderer Institutsmitarbeiter für seine eigenen Zwecke zu mißbrauchen. Der Vorsitzende segnet diese Projekte nur hinter verschlossenen Türen ab und weiß offiziell von gar nix...



Tomithy Holeapple, 22.9.2012, 22h


you're neither devil nor god
you are neither angel nor animal
you're somehow wise but unknown
as well called a human
so-called being but indeed
these are just names
like frames for your brains
to follow in chains
as long as it rains
til your eyes rise with the sun
and your heart tries to have fun
until master death stops
the run - well-done!



Book of poetry "THE VERY MOMENT"

UPGRADED SECOND EDITION: including now the 110th E.S. (extended sobriety) love poem "THE SURPASSED ONES" and the lockdown poem "MY BOREOUT YOGA" that were both published in the Corona culture project PENDEMIC.IE. The well-known german poet Tom de Toys (real name: Thomas Holzapfel = Crabapple, born 1968 in Jülich) wrote 27 english poems about the meaning of life since 1998 til 2020 under the pseudonym of Tomithy Holeapple. Some of them are congenial free translations of his german oeuvre but most are written originally in english. Now they appear as a complete compilation titled "THE VERY MOMENT" for the first time...


FAZ 1997: "...the monster poet - mostly he works himself up into some kind of ecstasy: the pioneer of consciousness wants to overcome by means of his art any sort of religion..."


taz 1999: "...the one with his 'Unprovoked Appresence' whose essential message is eternal presence..."


(Quotes taken from chosen articles in newspapers)


IPEACE (c) Screenshot vom 15.7.2012
IPEACE (c) Screenshot vom 15.7.2012

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